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Dear magic friends!

The magic magazine Aladin was founded after the Second World War in 1947 and has been published regularly ever since. The magazine has a circulation of 1,000 readers and is published in 16 countries around the world. The language is English.
German-speaking magic fans are of course the main target group. Siegfried & Roy were long time subscribers.
Our editorial team is independent and not bound by instructions. You will also find critical topics, but always constructive. The love of the art of magic takes centre stage.
The Aladin can also be interesting for non-German-speaking magic fans to reach German-speaking magicians. Be it for advertising, congress events or if you want to publish something with us yourself. We are proud of our international authors. Please keep in mind that we support your activities with ads in our magazine. Just ask us. We are always interested in win win situations.

If you are interested in receiving a physical copy of the magazine, please send us an e-mail with your post address. We publish 4 times a year + 1 special issue.

On our blog: we provide up-to-date information online on certain topics and operate what is probably the most comprehensive magic calendar for international magic conventions.
If you can’t find your event on it, write to us and you’ll be there too!

We do not currently offer PDF downloads, but to get to know it we will send you a PDF of the last 3 current issues to download.
Aladin 2023_04. Magic of Africa + College of Magic Kapstadt
Aladin 2024_01. Magic Circle London + Marvin Berglas
Aladin 2024_02. Magic Circle Vienna + Magic Christian