Science of Magic Conference 2019 – USA, Chicago

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We are thrilled to announce that our next conference will be taking place in Chicago, IL in the summer of 2019. This conference will bring together academics, researchers and magicians from around the world and will feature top keynote speakers, presentations on recent research, a poster session, and a gala show.


Located at: 5050 N. Clark St Chicago, Illinois 60640

DATES: JULY 14-16, 2019

We will be hosting a gala show on Sunday evening (July 14), and the conference itself will take place over the following Monday and Tuesday (July 15-16)


Our keynote speakers will include psychologists Professor Elizabeth Loftus and Professor Dan Simons, as well as the magician Mac King

We are also pleased to announce that Simon Aronson will be attending as our Guest of Honor.


We are now accepting conference registrations.

Register by February 1st, 2019 to receive our special ‚Early Bird‘ discount.

You can also receive an additional discount by becoming a member of SoMA.

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